Edmonton Power Maintenance Building — 1960s

Edmonton Power Maintenance Building, photo by James Dow

Edmonton Power Maintenance Building, photo by James Dow

107 Street and 122 Avenue

Original Owner: City of Edmonton

The Edmonton Power Maintenance Building shares many of the Modern characteristics of the nearby Westwood Transit Garage. Responding to the same setting, the structural system is expressed in a very industrial manner, although in this case the roof structure consists of a series of concrete barrel vaults that are hung rather than supported from below.

Provincial Archives of Alberta WS489

Provincial Archives of Alberta WS489

Each of the vaults is suspended from a concrete beam giving the building its expressionistic nature The exterior envelope is created by in-filling the supporting concrete columns with red brick, large garage doors and high clerestory glazing, enabling light to enter the building just below the vaulted roof line.


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  1. David Murray (architect)

    The Edmonton Journal, Friday April 28, 1958, reported on the progress of a $1.4M warehouse and garage (described as being used by the city’s telephone and electric light departments) for Edmonton’s new Civic Services Centre east of the Municipal Airport. The building was designed by Bell and McCullough Architects and was constructed by Bird Construction. Bill Pasternak was named as the architect for Bell and McCullough. He later joined the City Architect’s Department to work with head architect Robert Falconer Duke.

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