Latter Day Saints Stake Centre – 1960

Latter Day Saints Stake Centre, photo by James Dow

Latter Day Saints Stake Centre, photo by James Dow

9010 85 Street

Designed by: Blakey Blakey and Ascher
Built by: Robert Litchfield
Original Owner: Church of the Latter Day Saints

In 1941 Edmonton became the headquarters for the Western Canadian Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Plans for the new Stake Centre began in 1959 with construction commencing in 1960. Rudolph Ascher of Blakey, Blakey and Ascher was primarily responsible for the final design. The building includes a chapel, recreation hall, classrooms and facilities for music, drama and public functions. The Latter Day Saints Stake Centre was one of  Ascher’s last significant commissions before his untimely death in 1964. It typifies Early Modernism in the skillful massing and composition of many elements and the exaggerated structural expression. These characteristics are also seen in the clean horizontal lines of the flat roofs, the unique massing of the sanctuary and the tower and the deeply recessed entry with its broad low canopy. 


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